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The 3 Week Diet

Welcome and thanks for arriving at my first post and what follows is an introduction to the 3 Week Diet with the story of how it has changed my life. You’ll have the opportunity to click on some links that will take you to the creator of the 3 Week Diet Plan’s homepage, Brian Flatt a personal trainer from the U.S. Here he will be give you more detail about this exciting product, which comes as a comprehensive ebook and/or audible presentation.

Brian offers full support for his 3 Week Diet via phone or email and the plan does come with a 60 Day Guarantee.

I stumbled upon the 3 Week Diet a couple of months ago and lost 16lbs in the 21 days. The science backed philosophy has changed the way I view food and exercise beyond the 3 week time frame and I’ve been so impressed with the product that I have decided to promote it on this blog.

3 weeks is a brilliant and manageable nugget of time that will allow you to achieve fantastic results, which will really empower you. My weight ballooned from 196lbs to over a 300lbs over 3 years following a serious soccer injury and subsequent ‘blues’.

Before I found The 3 Week Diet I had managed to lose some weight but I really needed a help in hand to continue towards my fighting weight of 196lbs.

Obviously I didn’t reach my ultimate weight goal in 3 weeks and I’m currently 231 lbs and looking to embark on another 3 week cycle. A diary of this 3 week journey will follow. That’s the beauty of this plan; you can apply it more than once.

As I had/have a lot of weight/body fat to shift I was never going to lose it all in 3 weeks. However if you are within 15 – 20 lbs of your ultimate target, you can definately achive your weight goal in 3 weeks!

As I’ve already said the philosophy has stayed with me between cycles and I’ve been eating whatever I like. Brian Flatt also makes it scientifically clear that rapid weight/body fat loss is not dangerous and that carrying excess weight definately is!

Yes, I’ve been eating whatever I like after The 3 Week Diet. This means I eat sweet stuff, some carbs, a beer or two etc. The ‘secret’ is to stay within your daily calorie limit! So yes on some days I have some chocolate and maybe a cake or two and as these foods sit within my 2500 daily calorie limit happy days!

However as I haven’t reached my ultimate weight goal, between the 3 week cycles I have been consciously eating less calories than my 2500 daily limit, around 2100 calories a day. By drinking loads of water, eating plenty of fruit, vegetables and upping my protein intake, I have continued to lose weight.

I now eat roughly, 80% protein and 20% carbohydrates. Most of my carbs come from vegetables and fruit but I do have some complex carbs like potato, brown rice and pasta. I eat plenty of fish and chicken, some red meat but the real secret to The 3 Week Diet is allowing the body to ‘rest’ for longer between meals. Funnily enough most people achieve a significant ‘rest’ between meals once they go to bed. Last night I didn’t eat for 10 hours…I was mostly asleep!

  • How does it work Joe?

The 3 Week Diet comprises of four phases. The beginning of the first phase gets your body prepped and ready for significant weight/body fay loss. Over the first 7 days, if you follow the plan, you can potentially lose 5 – 10 pounds or more.

Phase 2 covers the 8th day, which is a really interesting and eye opening 24 hours! Rest assured your body will love it and you’ll find it easy! You can do it!

Phase 3 covers days 9 to 11 where additional food types are introduced into your fat burning furnace, that is your body!

Phase 4, days 12 – 21 really is the easiest part. You will have achieved so much coming this far in 11 days, feeling more energised, mentally alert and the scales won’t be lying…you will have lost significant body fat/weight. This will inspire you to smash the next 10 days as a more regular diet appears!

And don’t worry if you have a ‘blip’ By blip I mean you have a cheeky bar of chocolate or muffin. You haven’t failed, you’re just human! The key is to perhaps make a note of this ‘blip’ and get right back on with the plan and what you have to do today. Really try to avoid alcohol and high sugar drinks for the 3 weeks as this is a huge factor in weight gain or not losing as much as you would like.

Water intake plays a key role in The 3 Week Diet. Slowly you can increase your intake and as well as hydrating the body and flushing out your system, it will supress hunger pangs. You should aim for your urine to be clear all day. Obviously in the morning the first pee will be darker, so start your day with a large glass of water.

Hunger pangs are temporary and is your bodies’ way of telling you that you’ve digested your last meal. Really try to avoid surcoming to these temporary feelings, they will pass quickly. The longer you can wait between eating the better!

So Joe, does exercise play a key role?

Yes but it’s not excessive and it won’t ‘eat’ up loads of your time. The 3 Week Diet comes with a home based exercise plan that you can impliment as much (or as little) as you choose.

I now do 20 – 30 minutes of resistant home exercises 5 days a week. However at the start I did less than this. What I have done however is have a lovely walk in the mornings by the sea. (I live in Dorset U.K right on the coast)

A brisk walk on an empty stomach really sets the body up for the day. Occasionally I’ll go for a short run (as my weight now allows it) but for many people who are over weight a low impact brisk walk is the perfect thing to do. However, you don’t need to do any exercise! You won’t have the same dramatic weight/body fat loss as other people but you will lose weight.

What goes in our mouths is the key to healthy and sustainable living and exercise follows swiftly behind as this enforces your well being both physically and mentally. Specific health conditions can be regressed, such as high blood pressure and other weight related issues. It’s never too late!

My mum’s friend is 72 years old and doesn’t really exercise and eats well…too well. She told me the other day, before going on a walk with a friend, that this was her first exercise in 3 weeks. Yes, she hadn’t even been for a walk for 3 weeks! She’s practically seizing up at the ‘young’ age of 72 so it’s imperative that she makes changes now. Ultimately it’s down to her, you and me to boss our weight and exercise.

I spoke with her about the 3 Week Diet and encouraged her to start walking for 20 – 30 minutes every morning. She can then just increase her walking speed and tackle some hills. Sharing your goals with a few friends and family can really help. I don’t choose to tell everyone I meet about my goals but loved ones can gently encourage you to achieve your goals, thus increasing your will power.

There’s a whole section on ‘will power’ in The 3 Week Diet and Brian outlines tactics to really help you lose weight and body fat following his plan.

I wish you all the success with losing weight/body fat and hope you make the right choice with regards to The 3 Week Diet. It really is cutting edge, scientific information that Brian delivers in an easy and well informed way.

As I mentioned at the top of this blog, I will be undertaking a new 3 week cycle of the diet plan and look forward to writing a diary on this blog about the 3 week journey. I promise to be honest even if I do have a blip and eat a cheeky bar of chocolate 🙂

Best wishes,

Joe Chadwick.





7 Steps to Health – The Big Diabetes Lie

Welcome to my second product review and very much related to the 3 Week Diet. Our immune systems are key to our wellbeing. With good diet and exercise on whatever level, we become so much more physically and mentally strong. Yes, boosting our immune systems can prevent and manage illnesses and diseases on whatever level. This means preventing the common cold or flu from developing to the more acute end of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancers.

As you know our food industry is flooded with processed crap that is high in bad fats and sugars. We’re flooded with loads of refined sugar products from chocolate to soda that if they form the cornerstone of our diet cause all sorts of grief.

We all need to treat ourselves and I love sweet foods…but in moderation. I’m lucky to have a local shop that sells fruit and vegetables straight from the farmers…no GMO’s! They also sell super foods like Goji Berries and fresh tumeric that have amazing health properties. I’ve chucked out my old naff oils like rapeseed and have bought Hemp and Flaxseed cooking oils.

So what is the 7 Steps to Health – The Big Diabetes Lie?

Well in a nutshell, its an extensive, well researched science based ebook/paperback that will empower you with the knowledge to make positive changes to your lifestyle. By lifestyle I mean it will enhance your understanding of what should go in your mouth on a daily basis and the small steps needed to become more active. The information can be applied to various conditions that have manifested due to poor immune systems and that are being ‘contained’ through medication.

You will find out intitially about the monster in the room, that is the pharmecutical industry. This massive profit based beast makes its money from treating the symptons of illness with endless lotions and potions, without effectively curing anyone. If they cured people then their profits would dwindle and their share holders wouldn’t be too happy.

Its important to note that there are many conditions that require medication and the writers of The 7 Steps to Health – The Big Diabetes Lie aren’t being negligent and telling people to automatically stop taking their pills, injections etc. They’re saying that ongoing changes to diet and exercise can get the bodies’ immune system up to stratch, which ultimately is our biggest weapon against preventing and also managing many illnesses.

They provide a legally binding introduction to the content that outlines the fact that everything contained in the ebook is ‘alternative’ and you have a ‘choice’ about acting on it. It doesn’t fit in with the huge pharma industry and ironically there are no pills etc pushed your way, just nutritional and exercise advice that will have a huge impact on your lifestyle. Ultimately you have the ‘choice’ to purchase The 7 Steps to Health – The Big Diabetes Lie, take on the knowledge, then you’ll have the ‘choice’ whether to act on it.

45% of all Americans (yes 45%), adults and children have diabetes related conditions. Whether with children this is early onset or type 1/2 with adults. That’s a huge number and an utter catastrophe! Nearly half the population are eating shit! The food and berevage industry is making a ton of money from selling substandard food to Americans and the pharma industry is then making a ton of money from treating the conditions. The 7 Steps to Health – The Big Diabetes Lie supports this in more detail.

However ultimately, the population have a choice what goes in their mouths. But with huge advertising and cheaper alternatives to fresh food and drink, they’re dominating the market. The most important thing is what goes in our mouths. We can exercise and reap the rewards of this, but diet is key. A good diet coupled with exercise is a very powerful combination, and if those 45% of Americans acted on it, their health would improve.

Our gut really is an underrated organ but now through contemporary, scientific research, we’re beginning to realise how important it is. Depression (I know its a different condition) has been linked to inflammation in the gut. We get treated with anti-depressants (I know I’ve been on them) that target the brain/mind yet diet and exercise in my case has ‘cured’ me. My drug inhibited the loss of Serotonin in my brain but through research I now know 95% of Serotonin is produced in the gut! I’ve improved my diet with serotonin rich foods, exercised more and hey presto, for me it has worked!

Again this is my experience and I’m not saying that people should stop taking their medication but diet and exercise have been key to my continued well being and The 7 Steps to Health – The Big Diabetes Lie supports this.

Fortunately I’ve never had any diabetes related conditions. I’ve been very overweight but for most of my life I’ve been fit and active. Losing significant weight/body fat (308 lbs to 224 lbs) through diet and exercise has definately improved my mind and body. If I’d stayed at 308 lbs for many more months/years my chances of developing certain conditions would have been higher. I did suffer from sleep apnia and this has now gone.

My friend’s dad is 68 years old and suffers from diabetes and gout. He’s overweight and leads a very inactive lifestyle. In fact he can hardly walk. If he wants me to offer him some advice, I will, but like many people out there, needs the will and motivation to make changes. For him, the hardest thing would be making the ‘choice’ to sort his diet and exercise out. He’ll probably think its too late to make changes and improve his health. But the thing as long as he’s breathing, its never too late!


You’ve got the idea that I’m big on diet and exercise in boosting one’s immune system and The 7 Steps to Health – The Big Diabetes Lie will really help you educate yourself and others about how we can empower ourselves day to day. It won’t be necessarily easy at first to change one’s diet and start exercising if you have been eating poorly and have been doing little activity for a long time. However this information will change your life. Sounds a bit over the top, but it will.

Having read  The 7 Steps to Health – The Big Diabetes Lie, I thoroughly recommend the product and wish you all the best with whatever you choose to do.

Best wishes






The 3 Week Diet Diary

The 3 Week Diet Diary

Welcome to my diary for the upcoming 21 days of blood, sweat and tears. No really its not that bad. I’m going to have to apply myself but I really want to reach my weight target of 196lbs and these 3 weeks are really going to help my cause.

So this my second cycle of the 3 Week Diet. I did my first cycle in November 2016 and lost 16lbs in 3 weeks. I’m hoping to achieve similar results this time but will be happy with 10lbs or more.

As I mentioned in my other blog post, the 3 Week Diet is comprised of four phases. The first phase will ‘tune’ your body for fat loss and you will see a lot of weight come off in the first 7 days. (5-10 lbs!)

Within the first phase your liver will be cleansed, an organ essential to gearing the body to flush out toxins and create an environment to smash your body fat. It will also cleanse your gut and with the help of certain vitamins (A, D and C) your fat mobilisation will speed up with increased insulin sensitivity and increased adrenal function.

In phase 1 you will be shown all the allowed vegetables (containing essential vitamins, protein and carbohydrates) and protein rich meats and fish. And your favourite drink, water, will be on the menu. Get ready to drink a lot of it!

Here we go

Day 1

7am – Well its a beautiful sunny day here in Bridport, UK but not sun bathing or swimming weather. Unfortunately its– 3 degrees and Jack Frost was out last night, leaving a hard layer of ice on the ground. There were no excuses however, today is the start of my second 3 week diet cycle and I started with drinking 1 litre of water. After walking my black lab Polly I completed my regular 12 minute resistance workout; press-ups, squats, sit-ups and lunges.

This is entirely compulsory for achieving results and you don’t have to do it in order to lose weight. I just want to accelerate the process and get fitter for my tennis. I set my timer for 12 minutes and complete 10 reps of each exercise and continued until the time was up!

10am – I knew my first meal was going to be at 12pm so I’m just drinking more water to suppress any hunger pangs. I’m going to the toilet regularly but that’s no problem as I have one in my house:) What I’ve found is the pangs go pretty quickly and I’m reminded of the chocolate I had last night, as a treat before the next 3 weeks. I told myself its only 21 days and then I’ll buy a nice bar of Cadburys.

12pm – Had my first meal – Vegetables in a tomato sauce. Added onions and garlic and it was a bit like a ratatouille. It tasted alright, which is good as I have enough left over for another two meals. Drunk a pint of water before the meal and after. You can eat as many vegetables as you like but I’ve had enough for now.