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The 3 Week Diet Diary

The 3 Week Diet Diary

Welcome to my diary for the upcoming 21 days of blood, sweat and tears. No really its not that bad. I’m going to have to apply myself but I really want to reach my weight target of 196lbs and these 3 weeks are really going to help my cause.

So this my second cycle of the 3 Week Diet. I did my first cycle in November 2016 and lost 16lbs in 3 weeks. I’m hoping to achieve similar results this time but will be happy with 10lbs or more.

As I mentioned in my other blog post, the 3 Week Diet is comprised of four phases. The first phase will ‘tune’ your body for fat loss and you will see a lot of weight come off in the first 7 days. (5-10 lbs!)

Within the first phase your liver will be cleansed, an organ essential to gearing the body to flush out toxins and create an environment to smash your body fat. It will also cleanse your gut and with the help of certain vitamins (A, D and C) your fat mobilisation will speed up with increased insulin sensitivity and increased adrenal function.

In phase 1 you will be shown all the allowed vegetables (containing essential vitamins, protein and carbohydrates) and protein rich meats and fish. And your favourite drink, water, will be on the menu. Get ready to drink a lot of it!

Here we go

Day 1

7am – Well its a beautiful sunny day here in Bridport, UK but not sun bathing or swimming weather. Unfortunately its– 3 degrees and Jack Frost was out last night, leaving a hard layer of ice on the ground. There were no excuses however, today is the start of my second 3 week diet cycle and I started with drinking 1 litre of water. After walking my black lab Polly I completed my regular 12 minute resistance workout; press-ups, squats, sit-ups and lunges.

This is entirely compulsory for achieving results and you don’t have to do it in order to lose weight. I just want to accelerate the process and get fitter for my tennis. I set my timer for 12 minutes and complete 10 reps of each exercise and continued until the time was up!

10am – I knew my first meal was going to be at 12pm so I’m just drinking more water to suppress any hunger pangs. I’m going to the toilet regularly but that’s no problem as I have one in my house:) What I’ve found is the pangs go pretty quickly and I’m reminded of the chocolate I had last night, as a treat before the next 3 weeks. I told myself its only 21 days and then I’ll buy a nice bar of Cadburys.

12pm – Had my first meal – Vegetables in a tomato sauce. Added onions and garlic and it was a bit like a ratatouille. It tasted alright, which is good as I have enough left over for another two meals. Drunk a pint of water before the meal and after. You can eat as many vegetables as you like but I’ve had enough for now.