My name’s Joe Chadwick and I’ve been a tennis teaching professional for 16 years based in the U.K, but I have travelled and coached in Australia, Spain, U.S.A and Turkey. One of the best aspects of teaching tennis is that it has allowed me to travel, meet great people and improve as a tennis coach and learn about the health and fitness industry.

The aim of this blog is to talk about my experiences and expertise gained through tennis coaching and to review products chosen by me, that I have used myself and have great belief and faith in. They are also products that relate to my friends and family and their well being, some of whom have physical issues such as diabetes or are over weight and need the motivation and support to improve their lifestyles.

You’ll be able to read more in depth about my products on this website and then you’ll have a choice whether to get involved directly with the products. I will earn a small affiliate commission should you purchase any of these excellent value products, but ultimately there’s no hard sell and they all come with a money back guarantee stipulated in the terms for each product.

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Not so much a diet but a philosophy on choosing to eat well and add activity to your lifestyles. Quite simply I’ve actively used the plan and have had fantastic results that have snowballed into my daily routine beyond the 3 week cycle. I lost 16lbs in my first 3 week cycle! And it wasn’t too tough. Read about my experience in my blog post ‘The 3 Week Diet‘ and you’ll learn how I’m going to embark on another 3 week cycle very soon and fully document the journey.

Can diet and exercise really help us boost our immune system and prevent us developing illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and cancers? The answer is a categorical ‘Yes’. As well as preventing the onset of diseases, a proper diet and activity can really help those unfortunate people across the world who have already developed conditions. Let’s boost our immune systems and reduce the profits of the big pharmas who reap huge profitsĀ from treating the symptons with their lotions and potions but not curing conditions in the ‘illness’ industry. Time for a revolution. Read about it here.

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